Palm Touchstone:not only the battery charger

April 17, 2009, 7:14 pm

palm touchstone:not only the battery charger   At the beginning of the year in conjunction with the Pre tachfonom company announced the Palm charger Touchstone. Accessories noteworthy that charges the battery by means of induction. This technology has a number of perspectives, and Palm is unlikely to miss them.
In the future, Palm may use the transfer of electricity through the air in the following devices:a wireless docking station, portable speakers, docking station for the transmission of video, music and photos on your phone, wireless Internet device to enhance the capacity of Pre, USB -charger Touchstone, Wireless Stereo.
With regard to the Palm Pre, it should be on sale in the United States in mid-May. Sell it to cellular operator Sprint. In Europe, the phone should appear in the second half. This tachfon - one of the major competitors of new iPhone.


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