Panasonic will remain on the market Hitachi plasma TV

September 23, 2008, 4:55 pm

panasonic will remain on the market hitachi plasma tv   For manufacturers of plasma display panels a matter of survival on the market ploskopanelnyh television every day becoming worse. Many veterans PDP-industry, not vyderzhivaya competition with producers of LCD displays, reduce output or even refuse to release plasma. Among the most affected companies were Sony, Pioneer, as well as Fujitsu, was at the sources of PDP-technology. The harsh realities of competition did not spare the company and Philips, announced the spring about the decision finally to leave the PDP-business next year.
At the moment, the list of loyal followers plasma can be included only a few major manufacturers:Matsushita Electric, Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics, Hitachi. However, the poor at risk of further decline, primarily due to Hitachi. According to news agency Reuters, ranked fourth in the ranking of manufacturers of plasma panels company is seriously concerned about the condition of his unit Hitachi Plasma Display. Specialists prorochat loss of $ 383 million due to weak sales in the markets of North America and Europe.
reported that a plan to improve the profitability of PDP-unit involves the purchase of ready plasma panels and some electronic modules from the company Matsushita Electric, which manufactures them in more and less cost. In the opinion of management Hitachi, the new tactic should help reduce production costs and stay on the market plasma televisions.
Recall that the company Matsushita Electric, which since October last year, to be known as Panasonic Corporation, has the status of the most successful player in the market of PDP-TVs. Next year, plans to introduce a new factory in order to release plasma panels. The most striking event in the modern history of relations between the Panasonic and Hitachi are the organization of the alliance for the production of LCD displays, which was first announced in late 2007. Furthermore, aware of the commission this year buying Panasonic Corporation of the Hitachi 90% stake in IPS Alpha Technology, developer of television LCD panels type IPS (In-Plane-Switching).


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