Panda Cloud Antivirus - antivirus with minimal consumption of resources

April 30, 2009, 2:06 pm

panda cloud antivirus - antivirus with minimal consumption of resources   The company Panda Security has announced the release of the beta version of Panda Cloud Antivirus - free antivirus, which is entirely based on the principle of protection of the clouds in real time.
With Panda Cloud Antivirus company Panda Security presents a new security model that uses a thin client agent installed locally on your computer and communicates with servers Panda. This principle allows to organize more effectively detect and block malicious software, compared with a locally established and based on the principle of protection signature. The scanning of malicious software, and a decision on blocking and treatment of threats in the cloud moved (on the servers, Panda), a thin client on your local PC using ultra modern technology to intercept. As a result, the product Panda Cloud Antivirus enables the most effective protection against new and unknown viruses from a record low consumption of resources of a PC.
Panda Cloud Antivirus combines local and remote antivirus, antishpion, antirutkit, heuristic checking and caching nevredonosnogo ON (goodware), while using only 17 MB of RAM and has 50% less impact on computer performance, as compared with the averages of the antivirus on the market.
Use your own cloudy technology called collective wisdom, Panda Cloud Antivirus uses the expertise of a global community of millions of users of Panda products worldwide, and automatically detects and classifies new types of malicious programs practically in real time. Each new file, which comes in the collective mind, automatically classified within 6 minutes. Collective Intellect servers automatically receive and classify more than 50 000 new designs every day. In addition, the system of collective wisdom, to have data on the malicious program from every computer, automatically and quickly disseminates this knowledge among all users of Panda products worldwide.
You can download a free product from the official site.


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