Panda Security:security issues in the field of remittances

December 18, 2008, 4:52 pm

   Panda Security conducted an assessment of more than 300 companies engaged in international money transfers. There have been thoroughly investigated more than 1500 computers, and the results were alarming:30% of them were outdated antivirus installed, while 60% were infected.
According to the Bureau of Immigration support for the United States in 2007, immigrants sent home more than 126000 million U. S. dollars.
Computers are not protected properly and frequently used for extraneous purposes (chats, download, etc. ) can not guarantee security during the execution of online transactions. This security hole allows criminals to intercept money transfers authorized by the following principle:

  • At atakuemy computer installed Trojan/keyloggers that can tap the screen with information such as account numbers, bank details, PIN-codes, etc. . E. This is compounded by the risky behavior of the people who manage terminals and low safety standards, such as the use of advanced versions of antivirus software and system maintenance rare;
  • fishingovaya planned attack (allegedly coming from one of the most famous organizations involved in money transfers), or infection with the help of malicious code that redirected users to fraudulent Web page.
As a result of these attacks, bank data transfer sender may be intercepted by cyber-criminals, and in this case, open access to the accounts of victims will be provided.


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