Partition Manager 10:Partitioning a hard disk

April 13, 2009, 1:22 pm

partition manager 10:partitioning a hard disk   The new version of the well-known Partition Manager. This utility is designed to work with the hard disk. It allows you to create, edit, resize partitions and perform many other operations. Partition Manager includes a utility for defragmenting the hard disk, BootManager, designed to automatically download and install multiple operating systems.
Partition Manager is available in three versions:Personal, Professional, Server. Thus, users can choose the version that suits them best.
The latest version adds support for Windows 7, added full support for 64-bit systems, added a new master of the rapid backup, create a boot disk with the Linux/DOS to USB-drive, adds support for the latest version of the kernel Linux, improved tooltips.
Developer:Paragon Software Group Distribution:shareware OS:Windows All Downloads can be here.


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