Patented the game in the American series Mad Men

April 7, 2009, 8:01 am

patented the game in the american series mad men   The company has patented Lionsgate game after television series Mad Men. On the one hand this is good news, on the other - bad.
Mad Men - one of the best series on American television. This is a story from the beginning of the 60th, which tells about the life of the huge New York advertising agency, male-dominated, and the boring suburbs, where the slotted first seeds of feminism. Visually it is a beautiful drama has received numerous awards and is very popular with visitors.
However, we doubt that all this great potential will be able to realize the dignity of the game. Most likely, Lionsgate just order some trifling Casual hand for iPhone. It is a pity if all of what will happen.
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