Patriot has released a 128-GB SSD-drive Warp v3

April 10, 2009, 6:18 am

patriot has released a 128-gb ssd-drive warp v3   While continuing to develop their product lines flash drives, the company Patriot Memory said about adding to its range of new SSD-drive family Warp, which it refers to the third generation.
Storage Warp v3 focus on applications that require high reliability, low power and low noise level. In comparison with the SSD-drives Warp previous generations, has a new best speed performance. For example, if the drives Warp v2 can boast faster read/write 175/100 Mb/s, the Warp v3, these figures are 240/160 MB/sec.
Thanks to the use of wear leveling technology, the stated time, time between failures is 1, 5 million hours. Like the predecessors, the new items are made in the form factor of 2, 5 and equipped with interface Serial ATA. It should be noted at the end of last year, Patriot has launched onto the market a 256 GB model Warp v3.


• 128gb warp v3
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