Pazzl/RPG Puzzle Chronicles for the console and the PC

April 15, 2009, 4:23 pm

pazzl/rpg puzzle chronicles for the console and the pc   The company Infinite Interactive has announced its new game Puzzle Chronicles. If you have played, and Puzzle Quest Galactrix, then surely understand what is at stake. Puzzle Chronicles - a mixture of pazzla and RPG. Issued a new product known team Konami. Draft released for PC, XBLA, PSN, DS and PSP.
In contrast, the same Puzzle Quest, stones here and bonuses fall to one side as the blocks in the Tetris. The project is online and the single-user mode, complete with competitive duels, and five mini-games. It looks rather plain, but this kind of game, no special exotics in graphics and is not required. The main thing is that Infinite Interactive is not forgotten here, insert music in Puzzle Quest, which sounds like a melody, skipped through the archaic (but equally nostalgic) Sound Blaster.
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