PC-C39:Low Profile HTPC-building of Lian Li

March 31, 2009, 3:13 pm

pc-c39:low profile htpc-building of lian lipc-c39:low profile htpc-building of lian lipc-c39:low profile htpc-building of lian li 
pc-c39:low profile htpc-building of lian li   After the release of two buildings of Class HTPC (Home Theater PC) PC-C33 and PC-C34F Company Lian Li announced the launch of the market remains an interesting models in this segment, PC-C39, which is more compact dimensions compared to predecessors. New made in horizontally oriented form factor and, according to developers, perfectly combined with the other home audio/video equipment.
The body of PC-C39, with dimensions of 435 x 97 x 400 mm, the installation of motherboard form factor Micro-ATX. There are two 3, 5-inch compartment for a hard drive, as well as a compartment for mounting devices format 5, 25."The front panel removed two USB 2. 0, port 1394 FireWire, audio, audio jacks. Also HTPC-building can be controlled via remote control - without the benefit of this function is difficult to provide a modern multimedia system.
The cooling system includes two 70-mm fan rotating at a speed of 1500 revolutions per minute, which operate at Blowing. Also manufacturer of the use as building material for aluminum alloy, which is about four times more efficient dissipation of heat as compared with steel.
The price PC-C39 is $ 120. This shell comes in two colors:silver and black.


• Lian Li PC-C39 remote control
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