PENTAGRAM ThinType P 2006 - digital tablet for beginners

April 29, 2009, 11:33 am

pentagram thintype p 2006 - digital tablet for beginners   For those who first decided to try my hand at computer graphics, the company PENTAGRAM recommends purchase of a new digitizer ThinType P 2006 format A5.
The model is an attractive ergonomic design, is compatible with Mac platforms and PC, is connected to a computer via USB and is equipped with 29-yu hot buttons. The device is equipped with an active area with dimensions of 254 x 158 mm (aspect ratio 16:9), whereas the rate of permits is 2000 lpi. As a writing tool supports wireless electromagnetic pen, fueled by a single AAA battery, and complete platform for ease of storage on the desktop. Plane is characterized by very high sensitivity to the inclination and pressing (1024 level), a stylus that allows you to realistically simulate strokes and strokes. As for the overall dimensions of the product, they account for 306 x 257 x 5-9 mm.
Here is the developers have not yet been clarified, when and at what price their offspring can be purchased.


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