Performance GeForce GTX 280M and GTX 260M version NVIDIA

March 8, 2009, 1:25 pm

performance geforce gtx 280m and gtx 260m version nvidia 
performance geforce gtx 280m and gtx 260m version nvidia   The company released a new NVIDIA graphics adapters GeForce GTX 280M and GeForce GTX 260M, which is designed to provide incredible performance in modern games. Recall that the number of stream processors from model GeForce GTX 280M equals 128, and the younger 112. While it may seem from the title, the number of functional blocks to be quite different. Remember, mobile accelerator GeForce 9600M GT, unlike its desktop analogue, has only 32 stream processors.
in the Chinese forum have slides that show the level of graphics performance, GeForce GTX 280M and GeForce GTX 260M. California new items were compared with products from the Canadian company, video card GeForce GTX 280M with the Radeon Mobility HD 4870 and GTX 260M with Mobility HD 4850. The core of M98 contains 800 streaming processors.
Just give to the marketing department of a California company. Graphics look very impressive when the starting point of a value of 90%. The flagship GTX 280M faster Radeon Mobility HD 4870 by about 15-20%, only in the game FarCry2 results almost equal. Do mladshenkih situation is similar. Of course, GeForce GTX 260M in all tests ahead of the Canadian development.
to draw conclusions too early. Wait for the results of independent testing.


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