PFrank 2. 26:flexible program to rename files

November 20, 2008, 8:00 am

pfrank 2. 26:flexible program to rename files   The new version of the free program to rename files PFrank. The name - is an acronym of Peter s Flexible RenAmiNg Kit, that is, flexible set of tools for the renaming of Peter. The aim was to establish the author`s application that would be absolutely cope with all possible options to rename files, which would allow for the desired results at once.
The program can change the character case, insert the numbers, insert the name of the folder where the files are located, insert the title of the properties file, paste the information from the meta-tags for music files, EXIF information for image files and more. Frank also has a powerful engine of regular expressions, as well as a unique option Path Builder, through which you can make the file called 20061224abc. jpg file in Newabc. jpg, which will be located in the folder 20061224.
The latest version added new filters, added a button to clear the buffer editorial comment.
Developer:Peter Frankenberger Distribution:free Operating system:Windows All Size 4, 7 MB Download can be here.


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