Phenom II X3 720 took to the air 4, 2 GHz

February 24, 2009, 9:52 pm

phenom ii x3 720 took to the air 4, 2 ghz   The air cooling of the main components of the system unit has several advantages. Foremost among them is the low price, you can add more here, and ease of installation. For the average user of this type of cooling is sufficient, but for the enthusiast not. Reach a record of frequencies without the use of extreme cooling systems is difficult, sometimes impossible. For that reason, allegations that a processor could work stably at high frequency in the cooling air, taken not less than joyous, than the news of hand in another record.
The forum XtremeSystems, known as chew *, has been able to disperse the processor AMD Phenom II X3 720 Black Edition and 4242 MHz frequencies, using air cooling. To this end, he raised the multiplier to 21x and the CPU voltage up to 1, 65 B.
Recall that the price trehyadernogo Phenom X3 processor 720 is in the $ 170. For this money you can get a very good performance, while not investing in a powerful cooling system.


• x3 720+2Gh+voltage
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