Phenom II X4 940 against the Core 2 Q9300/9400 in multimedia applications

December 7, 2008, 6:09 am

phenom ii x4 940 against the core 2 q9300/9400 in multimedia applications   Is always interesting to monitor how companies are trying to present their products with the best hand. Referring to the processors in this context, you can find several ways to feed that information. The first method is the selection of applications that will be tested, optimized for their solutions. The main challenges include a second mode of visual design schedules, where the countdown can not start from scratch, as for example with 80%. Thus, the difference between 82% and 85% visually will be perceived not as 3%. The next trick is to compare different processors on frequency response, it could be argued that the testing of selected from one price range. Ways lot, but when products come from the hands of reviewers, everything is to their seats.
How will the latest 45-nm integrated circuits from AMD, show time. Today we offer the reader to become familiar with the results of internal testing AMD. A test stand is compiled based motherboards Intel DP35DP and MSI K9A2 Platinum, graphics adapter Radeon HD3870 and two gigabytes of RAM. A processor from AMD in the performance of Socket AM2, model Phenom II X4 940, the operating frequency of which 3, 0 GHz. And two processor Intel - Core 2 Q9300 and Q9400, running at a frequency of 2, 5 and 2 GHz, 6 GHz, respectively.
How to treat such timetables - to address the reader. It is necessary to take into account the difference in the frequency with the youngest of the tested Intel processor 500 MHz, worked all processors on a single frequency, the schedule would be looked at differently. And most likely, in some tests are not in favor of AMD. Of course, there remains an open question the value of the new processor solutions.
With all the ambiguity should not forget one thing. Processors AMD, performed on 45-nm tehprotsessu not require the user to additional investments in the motherboard and RAM as required by the transition to the platform LGA 1366. Even when the chips come in the performance of Socket AM3, there will always be possible to establish such a processor in a motherboard to plug Socket AM2. After reading these lines, the reader may feel that the concern shown by the company AMD to its users. While it may be all in a different way, perhaps, there is simply no other way out.


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