Philips introduced interactive OLED-lamp

April 29, 2009, 12:26 pm

philips introduced interactive oled-lamp 
philips introduced interactive oled-lamp   Royal Philips Electronics introduced prototypes based on OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diodes) light sources. These concepts are intuitive, interactive control and placed in ultrathin shell.
The company introduced the concepts of four types - floor, wall, table and ceiling lamps. All of them include bright light emitting OLED-panel, which added LED-modules LUXEON. Each model has different possibilities of automatic interaction. For example, a prototype of the device is equipped with a ceiling lighting system to adjust the ratio of the upper and lower light, which is implemented by means of gestures. Appearance exhibited prototypes distinguish smooth, streamlined shape, which, according to Philips, making them both more stylish and functional.
The company also built the OLED-installation, showing examples of professional use in large spaces, such as the reception area. It is functional and unusual and is a light emitting wall that reacts to passers-by, creating on its surface a kind of falling shadows.
In the opinion of Philips Lighting, in the near future the global industry of lighting fixtures expect significant changes. Factors of the environment and the economy led the company to move from incandescent lamps to more energy efficient and clean solutions as quickly as possible. One of the base light revolution is the fact that LED lighting can create a new design and features not previously achievable, believe in the company.


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