Phone with Bluetooth will become a personal cardiologist

March 31, 2009, 6:28 pm

phone with bluetooth will become a personal cardiologist   The company MedNet Healthcare Technologies and mobile operator AT T next month to start a program of remote medical monitoring of the health users suffering from heart disease. The essence of the program, referred to as External Cardiac Ambulatory Telemetry (ECAT), is that the cardiac patient data will be regularly and automatically sent to a special medical center. It should be noted that this control algorithm, in principle, already exists, but is realized by using a stationary apparatus ECG and wired phone. Patient self periodically removes cardiogram, which is sent to the center.
The novelty of this exercise is to use a mobile phone with Bluetooth and a wireless device for removal of ECG or pacemaker implanted. In this case, monitoring of cardiac activity is fully automatic. Unfortunately, no details on the apparatus for such telemetry used on compatible phones and organizers have not yet been reported. Alternatively, you can suggest the use of a special Bluetooth-bracelet with sensors or other devices.


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