Phone Inferno - the fruit of love and Motorola Verizon

February 3, 2009, 7:04 am

phone inferno - the fruit of love and motorola verizon   In 2009 the company Motorola begins to actively cooperate with Verizon Wireless. At the moment, aware of the seven new mobile phones, which will be distributed through the salons of the cellular operator. Insiders claim that the first product in the lineup for the Verizon model will be Inferno (also known as Torch, Blaze 2 Krave and 2).
-informed sources claim that the device is a continuation of the ideas embodied in the Krave ZN4. Testing of this unit is to begin just a few days ago. Since that time, were created as the first concept images of product, design slightly changed. In particular, the authors have got rid of the plastic lid.
product specs are still a mystery. Immediately we can say that this is not a competitor of Palm Pre or Apple iPhone, but still look interesting.


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