Photo of the day:the blue screen of death Windows 7

January 16, 2009, 1:39 pm

photo of the day:the blue screen of death windows 7   On the 3DNews we have repeatedly written about the new version of OS programmers Microsoft - Windows 7, which will soon replace the popular nowadays Windows Vista. Acquainted with the recent publications on Windows 7, for some reason it seems that we will not update the usual routine and a little unstable operating system, but something new. Proof of this commentary provide independent expert opinion of the users.
The exhibition CES Steve Ballmer officially announced release a beta version of Windows 7, so that millions of users were able to test the operating system itself and draw the appropriate conclusions. Long before the events in the world of IT is a stereotype that Windows 7 will be stable. Maybe it is true, but our foreign colleagues a few days after the start of beta Windows 7 had to prove the opposite - the new operating system from Microsoft is not devoid of the legendary lack of all the products Microsoft - the blue screen of death. Whatever it was, too obvious visual changes in the new BSOD has not.


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