Photo PowerColor HD 4850 SCS3 passive cooling

July 7, 2008, 3:26 pm

photo powercolor hd 4850 scs3 passive coolingphoto powercolor hd 4850 scs3 passive cooling 
photo powercolor hd 4850 scs3 passive cooling   Not so long ago we reported in our news tape that the company Tul Corporation, producing products under the brand PowerColor, the first of the producers of graphics cards is going to provide consumers an alternative to the court on design graphic processor version of ATI Radeon HD 4850, engineered a passive cooling system. Now, thanks to diligence staff of network resources have become available to the public Fudzilla quality photographs of the accelerator, known as PowerColor HD 4850 SCS3.
As can be seen from the images, lowering temperature in the videochipa engaged in a massive aluminum radiator, 54 thin plates which permeate the four long heat pipes 6 mm thick each, derogating from copper foundation construction. In turn, memory chips and uniformed elements of the food chain additionally installed individual radiators small size. In doing so, must necessarily take into account the fact that the effective use of such video needs very well ventilated hull, otherwise unlikely to avoid overheating the products with all the deplorable consequences.
As for the volume and type of video available on board, as well as the frequency formula, the accurate information in this regard is still not, although you can safely assume that developers are likely to abandon their factories disperse slow brainchild.
If you believe the source, the emergence of PowerColor HD 4850 SCS3 Sales have already held very soon, but the probable cost of the product was not reported.


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