Photos Gainward Radeon HD 4870 with Double cooler

July 24, 2008, 8:15 am

photos gainward radeon hd 4870 with  double  coolerphotos gainward radeon hd 4870 with  double  coolerphotos gainward radeon hd 4870 with  double  coolerphotos gainward radeon hd 4870 with  double  cooler 
photos gainward radeon hd 4870 with  double  cooler   Employees of network resources managed to get photos not yet formally submitted video cards based on the graphic processor ATI Radeon HD 4870, developed by engineers from the company Gainward very different and original execution.

It is worth noting that the framers of the accelerator went on the road to their colleagues from Palit Microsystems and also decided to use for lowering the temperature of the main hot spots powerful video dvuhventilyatorny cooler with massive aluminum radiator and a few heat pipes, with diameters from different propellers and accounted for 80 and 70 mm. Remarkably, and that nutrition subsystem built on a formula 4 2 phase, while the realized thanks to the support of Dual BIOS product can operate at frequencies 750/950 MHz or 775/1000 MHz (kernel/memory). Another noteworthy presence at the back of the port DisplayPort, which amounted to a traditional company pair connectors DVI. As for the existing on-board memory GDDR5 with 256 - bit interface, it is made by Qimonda, and its volume equal to 512 MB.
Unfortunately, the source did not reveal the likely cost of products, but informs that it will be on sale as early as next month.


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