Photos of a prototype Boards Gigabyte GA-X58-Extreme

August 12, 2008, 10:14 pm

photos of a prototype boards gigabyte ga-x58-extremephotos of a prototype boards gigabyte ga-x58-extremephotos of a prototype boards gigabyte ga-x58-extreme 
photos of a prototype boards gigabyte ga-x58-extreme   Staff network resources TweakTown managed to gain access to engineering samples of new motherboard GA-X58-Extreme from Gigabyte, which is based on not yet formally submitted the chipset Intel X58 Express (Tylersburg) and currently is in the final stages of refinement.
Reportedly, this platform is equipped with processor Socket LGA1366 connector and is designed to install chips Intel Core i7 based microarchitecture Nehalem. New original design has a cooling system consisting of a combination of several different sizes of copper radiators, three copper heat pipes, as well as vodobloka designed to ensure quality disqualification excess heat from the northern bridge. In doing so, the decision trehkanalnym equipped with integrated memory controller and has six slots for the installation of the type bars DDR3 as well as up to 1900 MHz, while the expansion slots set includes four PCI Express immediately 2. 0 x16 technology to support ATI CrossFireX Technology (two blue-operate in a mode x16, a pair of orange operates on a x8), two PCI Express x4 and one PCI. In addition, products are present in the arsenal of six ports SATA2, an IDE-connector, two Gigabit Ethernet-controller and Ads, ensuring the withdrawal 7. 1-channel sound.
Another noted that the framers of fees implemented in its offspring technology company Gigabyte Dynamic Energy Saver Advanced, and equipped its overklokerskimi buttons Power, Reset and Clear CMOS, Debug LED display and a placers LED indicators to facilitate monitoring and diagnostic equipment.
Regarding located at the back of the interfaces, there are two ports PS/2, optical and coaxial S/PDIF- exits, port FireWire, two RJ-45 connectors, eight USB 2 ports. 0 and six audiorazemov.
At the moment any information about the release date and the likely cost of Gigabyte GA-X58-Extreme there is no.


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