A pilot version of Gmail is available in 49 languages

April 1, 2009, 6:24 am

a pilot version of gmail is available in 49 languages   April 1, marks exactly five years since the opening of Gmail. Gift for the anniversary would be that the experimental version of Gmail (Gmail Labs) will now be available in 49 languages to users around the world. A pilot version of Gmail - the newest laboratory is able to e-mail Gmail. It includes over 40 useful and interesting tools that allow users to enhance the ability to personalize mail and work with it.
Every function of Gmail Labs, you can activate or deactivate a single click. Here are some of the functions at the time of launch:
  • Gmail Off-line - checking, creating and sending mail without connecting to the internet. Synchronization of changes occur when you connect to the network.
  • Cancel sending - the abolition of the message within five seconds after posting.
  • The protection from ill-mails - within the selected time period you can send mail only if a few decide to simple mathematical zadachek. If you do not succeed, it is better to sleep, and morning to try another разок.
  • reminder neprilozhennyh files - you will never accidentally send a message without attachments, if you mention them in the text.
  • Tasks - adds a list of current affairs in the Inbox. Create a task can be manually or directly from the mail.
To enable the possibility of an experimental version of Gmail, go to the Labs tab in the Settings page (see link at the top right corner of the Inbox).


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