Plans Acer notebooks in the market and netbukov

April 13, 2009, 5:15 pm

   The Chairman of the Taiwan company Acer Jay Ty Wong hoped that the volume of shipments of notebooks in the second quarter will grow by 25-30% compared to the first quarter. Such an optimistic mood caused by the launch of new netbukov, as well as a series of ultrathin laptops Timeline.
The projected Wong, in the second quarter of the supply of desktop computers on a global basis will decrease by 5-10% compared to same period last year. At the same time, shipments of notebooks may rise by 35-40%.
As the representative of Acer, the largest contribution to the revenue the company brings the European market - about 60%. In North America, Acer earns 25-30%, while China accounts for only 4%. Taiwan manufacturer is going to raise the volume of shipments in China to achieve greater balance in the regions.
In passing, Mr Wong Acer boasted achievements of the past year and a little talked about plans for the near future. In 2008, the company shipped 20 million notebooks, 8 million desktop computers, as well as about 16 million LCD monitors. At its notebook market share is 17, 7%. This year, Acer intends to increase its share in the industry for another 2-3%. The plans are ambitious Taiwanese manufacturer - Acer intends in 2009 to put on the market of 26 million notebook PCs and about 10 million netbukov.
Currently, Acer is developing netbukov third generation, which will be ready to enter the market later this year. We know that they will be equipped with sensor displays, on the other characteristics of the data yet. It also became known that the 2010 Acer will release netbukov next, the fourth generation.


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