Plans against Intel processors Nehalem

September 10, 2008, 6:03 pm

plans against intel processors nehalem 
plans against intel processors nehalem   The company Intel is preparing to enter a new generation of processors based on the architecture of Nehalem. Until such a landmark moment left only a pair of months and therefore need to closely monitor the emergence of new batches of data on future new products, and look at the future of Intel CPU on the market no less interesting. On the architectural innovations of the world`s leading engineers chipmeykera been said many words, so this time touch personalities - a Intel plans for specific models, the more that emerged about some changes in the range of future microchips.
As is known, representatives of the first family of processors Nehalem will be formally presented to the public and will appear in sales in November, and the old traditions of Intel, will become pioneers solutions for wealthy enthusiasts - Core i7 Extreme Edition, operating at a frequency of 3, 2 GHz. The cost models traditionally zaoblachnaya - $ 999. For those who do not want to buy such expensive processors, it may be advisable to draw attention to two other models:Core i7 with frequency 2, 93 GHz (price $ 562) and Core i7 with frequency 2, 66 GHz (price $ 284).
Of course, they all will be based on the processor nucleus Bloomfield, and it means that we will be Quad solutions to the cache memory of the third volume of 8 MB, as well as second-level cache volume of 256 Kb for each kernel. The first set of system logic supporting work with the chip Nehalem, equipped with integrated controller RAM standard DDR3, chipset will be Intel X58.
However, in this updated model range Nehalem processor family in 2008 and even in much of 2009 will end years - the emergence of advanced microchips regular representatives will have to wait until the fourth quarter of 2009, and even the beginning of 2010. It is in the fourth quarter of next year, company Intel plans to release the world market for processors based on the kernel Lynnfield. The main difference between these solutions from microchips Bloomfield is the lack of interface QPI, which will replace less productive for PCI Express version 2. 0. Moreover, instead trehkanalnogo controller RAM will be realized only support the single, leading to poor performance as processors, and a marked decline in their prices. Regarding the money issue, in the case of Lynnfield prospective buyer would pay from $ 200 and less for its acquisition.
Closer to 2010, Sales of microprocessors is expected emergence Havendale, which will be equipped with three nuclei - two traditional processor (for general-purpose computation) and one graphic. So far, information on the integrated graphics kernel missing, but observers tend to assume that it will maintain basic functions, and any record of productivity do not have to say.
Regarding the sector of mobile processors, it awaits the coming of our representatives and microchips Clarksfield Auburndale, which are similar in terms of functionality and solutions Lynnfield Havendale, but have markedly lower power consumption, which is especially important in the case of mobile computers. Thus, the maximum power consumption processors will be less than 55 watts for chips Clarksfield and less than 45 watts for the outcome of Auburndale.
In a brief summary mention that the company Intel does not intend to pursue aggressive policies in the market microprocessors for personal computers - delayed srednetsenovyh out, and therefore the most popular among buyers of microchips. The official reason for such a decision is called a corresponding desire to clients, but certainly, its role and said the weakness of AMD, which could not yet issue a serious competitor to the mast chips Intel. That is so unpleasant consequences for consumers has already led virtually monopoly position in the market chipmeykera leading high-performance processor.


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