Platform COQOS:association of Linux with automotive electronics

February 7, 2009, 12:50 pm

platform coqos:association of linux with automotive electronics   The company OpenSynergy prepares to release the car operating system based on Linux, as well as printed circuit board for the processor with the Intel Atom, designed to build on-board information and entertainment systems. Platform COQOS, on задумке developers should allow Linux-applications and AUTOSAR-modules share the same class of processor SoC, whose resources are virtualized with the addition of micro-level operating system (micro operating system, # 956;OS). AUTOSAR (AUTomotive Open System ARchitecture) - an open, standardized automotive software architecture, jointly developed by automakers, suppliers of components and tools.
According to the information given OpenSynergy, the proposed technology enables the company to share between Linux-and AUTOSAR-level audio applications, graphics and OpenGL, which, according to her, for the first time provides an opportunity for the withdrawal of multimedia displays and audio from the AUTOSAR-applications. As an additional benefit of reducing the number of blocks indicates the engine management system (engine control units, ECU), reducing development costs, and even lowering fuel consumption by reducing the diversity of cable networks and on-board, respectively, of their weight.
We have recently reported a somewhat similar initiative, the company Renesas Technology, developed polynucleated chip SH7776, enabling automotive applications share resources at the hardware level. OpenSynergy went the other way - in its version of the separation of virtualized resources provided RTOS # 956;OS. This microkernel # 956;OS serves as the OS AUTOSAR, the existence of which is required for the AUTOSAR-compliant applications. Interaction (interprocess communication, IPC) between AUTOSAR-and Linux-environments is ensured by a run-time environment (runtime environments, RTE), whereas the Linux-tasks can interact in the virtual bus applications (Virtual Application Bus, VAB). In fact, according to the developer, architecture COQOS designed to support both x86-sovmestimyz, and ARM-compatible chips.
OpenSynergy reported that the first version of COQOS and testing fee based on the Intel Atom is nearing completion, and that it intends to demonstrate their products during the CeBIT 2009 in Hanover.


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