Platform NVIDIA Ion for nuclear netbukov and nettopov

December 18, 2008, 1:54 pm

platform nvidia ion for nuclear netbukov and nettopovplatform nvidia ion for nuclear netbukov and nettopovplatform nvidia ion for nuclear netbukov and nettopovplatform nvidia ion for nuclear netbukov and nettopovplatform nvidia ion for nuclear netbukov and nettopovplatform nvidia ion for nuclear netbukov and nettopovplatform nvidia ion for nuclear netbukov and nettopov 
platform nvidia ion for nuclear netbukov and nettopov   It is no secret that the company NVIDIA he has come to seriously interested in conquest market low-cost desktop and mobile computer systems based on chips from Intel, Atom and destined mainly to work effectively on the Internet. We already told you that now developers are actively adjusting their chipsets MCP7A and MCP79 to the above processors, although a formal agreement to that effect between the California electronic giant and leading chipmeykerom have not yet.
To achieve the goals leadership NVIDIA now struggles trying to persuade major Taiwanese producers of computers to compel Intel to start deliveries of Atom processors separate from the chipset i945GC and i945GSE, which are now widely used in the manufacture and nettopov netbukov. But that argument has been strong, NVIDIA has proposed its own platform, called Ion, which, among themselves processor Atom (including dual), is the logic of the system with the GeForce 9400M odnochipovoy layout fitted compatible with DirectX 10 integrated videoyadrom.
The most notable here is that embedded graphics technology supports NVIDIA PureVideo HD, which provides hardware acceleration for video with a resolution of Full HD. Thus, the offspring of NVIDIA in terms of functionality far exceeds present in Intel chipsets videoyadro Intel GMA 950.
In addition, the new platform NVIDIA has also simplified the design, because instead of three key components (north bridge, south bridge and CPU), it uses only two (integrated chipset and processor).
In a developers even produced a prototype of the current nettopa based NVIDIA Ion, which formed the basis for reference motherboard in a Pico-ITX with the dimensions 100 x 72 mm. It should be noted that the device received a very compact, even though his body, say explicitly, is not too attractive. But mostly there is undoubtedly an internal filling, which includes:
  • Processor Intel Atom 230 or Intel Atom 330;
  • System logic NVIDIA GeForce 9400M;
  • A single SO-DIMM slot for installing RAM DDR3 module with a frequency of up to 1333 MHz;
  • one port SATA;
  • Gigabit Ethernet-controller;
  • Audiokodeka with the support of 7. 1-channel audio HD Audio.

is worth noting that the processor and chipset cooled common fan, while the communication product opportunities presented bred out two ports eSATA, jack RJ-45 port D-Sub, DVI and HDMI, six USB 2 ports. 0, six standard Audio Jack, as well as the interface Optical S/PDIF.
According to NVIDIA, such a system is fully capable to become a think tank for home theater, as easy to handle high-definition video playback. Moreover, argues that even baby teeth on computer games.
People in the platform is also confident that their creation will make it possible to install in netbukah demanding operating systems such as Windows Vista and Windows 7. At the same time promised that the period of autonomous work laptops based on NVIDIA Ion battery will not be less than the models with chipsets Intel.
With regard to the likely timing of the emergence of commercially available solutions on the basis described above platform, it can happen in the first half of next year. However, until that time we with you all waiting for a formal demonstration of the capacity of NVIDIA Ion, which will be held under the January 2009 International CES exhibition in Las Vegas.


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