Platform X58/Core i7:fun is not for the poor

October 7, 2008, 8:52 am

   All spoke of the proximity of the official release of new processors of Intel. For example, most recently in Network trickled out the names and characteristics of specific representatives chip family Core i7, and now new items are available for pre-order in the Internet shops of Great Britain and Canada.
The prices are not encouraging. This is not surprising, since the first model of a new generation of chips is not targeted at the average consumer, and willing to spend considerable amounts of enthusiasts, overklokerov, and a wealthy buyers who want to have everything new and cool.
In the ownership of the flagship Core i7 Processor Extreme Edition 965 with a clock speed of 3, 2 GHz, the British will have to lay out nearly $ 1500 in Canada, this model costs $ 1100, but the price is excluding tax. The value of the remaining models are given below:

  • Core i7 940 - $ 826 (in England, taking into account taxes)/$ 650 (Canadian, excluding tax);
  • Core i7 920 -- $ 454 (in England, taking into account taxes)/$ 340 (Canadian, excluding tax).
reported that the supply of Core i7 965 Extreme Edition and Core i7 940 start since October 31. But the market launch of the younger models Core i7 920 may be delayed as much until next year, which is linked to a desire to clean up its Intel warehouses of old Core 2 processors.
But the computer does not consist of only one processor. He still would have to buy and other components at the appropriate level. And here we are again forced to disappoint potential buyers - the price of motherboards based on Intel X58 chipset kusayutsya, and which, judging from the first sentence of online stores, very painful.
The most attractive at the moment the proposal motherboard Intel SmackOver with four jacks for DDR3-memory, estimated at $ 410. For ASUS P6T Deluxe (six nests for DDR3) have already put $ 442, a price ASUS P6T Deluxe Edition OC Palm Edition (special version of payment for overklokerov with an external LCD display) reaches the point of almost $ 500.
Of course, as yet unknown price products from other manufacturers, such as GIGABYTE, MSI, ECS, Foxconn, which has already shown willing to pay based on Intel X58, in addition, Internet shopping Overclockers. co. uk has never been low prices, even for such an expensive country like Britain. Still, the order of prices makes it clear that a transition to the new platform will be very, very costly, at least, the first time, and until the budget representatives in the family of Core i7 and boards for appropriate price level.


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