Platformer Braid is delayed until April

March 31, 2009, 2:12 pm

platformer braid is delayed until april   The users that are calculated to play Braid, in late March, will have to make adjustments in their plans. The project developer, Jonathan Blou (Jonathan Blow) was forced to move out toys on April 10. This is done to ensure compatibility with the maximum number of different versions of OS Windows.
According to the developer, is scheduled to release through Steam, Greenhouse, Impulse and GamersGate. Perhaps the appearance of the project to some other services. In addition, the author talks about a possible surprise associated with the release of the soundtrack Braid.
Let us recall that the original draft released on Xbox 360, and instantly became a universally recognized hit, despite the high price and short length. The game also provides a beautiful visual design and interesting music that you can listen here.


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