PlayStation 3 could be the last device Sony

October 27, 2008, 10:20 pm

playstation 3 could be the last device sony   A member of the site Cinema Blend William Asher (William Usher) has decided slightly to reflect on the future of Sony Computer Entertainment. Weigh all, the author came to the disappointing conclusion that the PlayStation 3 may well become the latest game console from the famous producer.
Indeed, since the beginning of sales of PS3, Sony cases have gone not the best way. The sad financial achievements of the console, combined with not doing a good economic situation worldwide has affected 10 per cent decline in the company`s shares, argues the author.
Among the factors that affect the sales of PS3, the journalist calls the popularity of Xbox 360. Microsoft has been able to Gamers powerful prefix almost the same game for much less money. At hardkornom game market, Sony is facing a serious opponent. This is particularly true of the U. S. - traditionally one of the most interesting regions for the console manufacturers.
Asher believes that in today`s situation, Sony Computer Entertainment and its attachment can proceed for Sega, which has long abandoned the production of consoles. There are several ways to stop this process:a reduction in retail prices of the stations, reductions in production output of interesting games.


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