Points NVIDIA GeForce 3D will soon be on sale

November 10, 2008, 7:35 am

   According to industry sources, in October have been released and tested the first copies of three points NVIDIA GeForce 3D, and their serial deliveries start before the end of the year. NVIDIA directed the production of these glasses Taiwan company Flextronics.
is interesting to note that the proliferation of new products will be able to address only a few selected partners NVIDIA. Each of the regional markets will represent only one distributor, thus avoiding price competition.
The new stereoscopic glasses will be maintained only LCD monitors with a refresh the screen 120 Hz. Such displays may be right to wear the logo 3D Ready.
According to the source, currently on the market is just one product bearing the logo of 3D Ready - 73-inch DLP-projection TV with support for 1080p signal from Mitsubishi. Also present 120-Hz displays demonstrated ViewSonic and Samsung Electronics, but they are still on sale were not observed. ViewSonic does not launch its 120-Hz products in mass production until January 2009, but Samsung plans nothing reported.
It is expected that stereoscopic glasses NVIDIA will be quite expensive at first, but specific prices are not yet known.


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