Polaroid went under the hammer for just the money

April 6, 2009, 10:47 am

polaroid went under the hammer for just the money 
polaroid went under the hammer for just the money   The company Polaroid, once represented a whole era of instant photography, is now experiencing is not the best of times. Over the past ten years, one of the oldest American brands managed to fail two times, and recently went under the hammer for just the money - $ 60 million.
In one of Sunday`s auction was the new owner of Polaroid indirect investment fund Patriarch Partners. While the fund awarded the bid, creditors` committee appealed the decision of the organizers of the auction. In their view, the joint venture between Hilco Consumer Capital and Gordon Brothers Group has offered a large sum for Polaroid - $ 61, 5 million, compared with $ 59, 1 million Patriarch Partners, therefore, it was to be the owner of the company.
Despite the problems and failures that accompany Polaroid for many years, the new owner of the company looks to the future with optimism. Patriarch Partners Fund plans to restructure a corporation fully revive the brand and continue to release new digital already. Recall that during the exhibition of consumer electronics CES 2009 Polaroid introduced a very interesting novelty - PoGo.
This device meets the current requirements of users and is consistent with the original concept of instant photography Polaroid. It was assumed that the model appears on the market this spring at a price of 200 dollars. Unlike conventional digital cameras, PoGo is able not only to take pictures, but also print pictures in good quality. Let`s hope that Polaroid still able to surprise the consumer and to the revolution, as was the 90 th.


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