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February 22, 2009, 1:26 pm

portrait user antivirus software   The Russian representation of company ESET announced the results of a sociological portrait of a user survey of anti-virus software, conducted by ROMIR.
On-line survey covered all regions of Russia, the participants were selected randomly among the principle of Internet users. The combined audience of the study was 2225 persons. The main objective of the study - show the popularity of anti-virus brands, and the percentage of anti-virus products installed on users` computers.
According to the ROMIR a brand ESET NOD32 today is 72%. In the three leaders on this indicator, in addition to ESET NOD32, antivirus includes such brands as Kaspersky Anti-Virus and Doctor Web (90% and 78%).
Interestingly, the performance brand visibility and popularity of the products of the manufacturers vary greatly, and this is true both for the participants, with one PC, and for the owners of several computers (desktop, laptop, etc. ). Thus the product of Doctor Web, in recognition of 78%, used in home computers, only 20% of the respondents (1 or more PCs). The most popular among owners of multiple PCs using products company ESET and Kaspersky Labs. Users ESET products are 34% of the study, 41% preferred LC solutions. In general terms, this situation persists for respondents with a single computer. Here at the Kaspersky Lab`s products account for 35%, anti-virus solutions ESET NOD32 popular with 28% of the respondents, the third most popular, potesniv Produce Doctor Web, with 12%, deals with Avast ! (14%).
The study allows to draw conclusions about the distribution of shares of major vendors in the corporate sector. 38% of survey participants indicated that they had to work a Kaspersky Anti-Virus, 20% of corporate PCs are protected by ESET solutions and 11% for the production of Doctor Web. According to the study, 50% of respondents use more than one PC at home (second desktop or laptop), with the proportion of owners of laptops (which have only a laptop or notebook computer, in addition to the desktop PC) is 48%. It is obvious that the proportion of owners of two or more PCs will increase, which means that the popularity of boxed with an opportunity to install 2 or more PCs will grow in proportion.


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