PowerColor HD 4890 PCS:powerful cooler plus acceleration

April 30, 2009, 11:43 am

powercolor hd 4890 pcs:powerful cooler plus accelerationpowercolor hd 4890 pcs:powerful cooler plus accelerationpowercolor hd 4890 pcs:powerful cooler plus accelerationpowercolor hd 4890 pcs:powerful cooler plus accelerationpowercolor hd 4890 pcs:powerful cooler plus accelerationpowercolor hd 4890 pcs:powerful cooler plus acceleration 
powercolor hd 4890 pcs:powerful cooler plus acceleration   About two weeks ago, the company TUL, known for its products under the brand of PowerColor, released a broken version of the accelerator Radeon HD 4890 with copper vodoblokom EK Water Blocks included. Liquid cooling is not only made the card virtually silent and has reduced its operating temperature of about 20 C # 730, but also severely affected the retail price. For those who do not want to overpay for a guaranteed quiet and cool about $ 90, the Taiwan company has produced one more dispersed modified Radeon HD 4890, price not to exceed recommended by AMD.
The new company joins a series of accelerator PCS (Professional Cooling System PLUS). The list of its features should include an air cooling system of production APACK ZEROtherm, the modified scheme of food, printed circuit board with a custom distributing and manufacturing a significant acceleration. Four heat pipes, radiators, recruited from 52 nickel-plated aluminum plates with a large area of dispersion, and a powerful fan inspire hope for a high performance VGA-cooler ZEROtherm. The rotational speed of the fan depends on the temperature of the graphical kernel, which guarantees a minimum level of noise at low loads. For cooling the memory chips and power elements of food chains are responsible individual radiators.
In the development of power subsystem video card PowerColor Radeon HD 4890 PCS engineers from the company TUL not to waive the application of digital pulse-width modulator (Digital PWM), which allows you to programmatically control the output voltage. For food graphic chip RV790 allocated four separate phases, for videobufera of 1 GB - only one. Recall that the power of the standard version Radeon HD 4890 is built on the pattern 5 2. The working frequency of the new accelerator increased from nominal 850/975 (3900) MHz to 950/1100 (4400) MHz.
The new video will be released in two versions, which will be different and the complete set price. In the box one of the versions of the future, buyers will find the disc with the game Battle Forge, which supports DirectX 10. 1. According to the manufacturer, both options should be available for sale after May 5. Version of standard recommended selling at $ 249. Option to play Battle Forge and the mark in the title will cost a bit more expensive - $ 254.
In conclusion, I would like to draw attention to one of the publications site Expreview.com, which gives an opportunity to get a new representative of a series of PowerColor PCS. Employees of the Chinese resource issued several detailed video images, including in disassembled form. Snapshots allow to study the anatomy of printed circuit boards, power subsystems, and VGA-cooler ZEROtherm.


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