PowerColor LCS HD 4890:20 C # 730;colder reference

April 14, 2009, 7:17 am

powercolor lcs hd 4890:20 c # 730;colder reference   One of the trumps new graphic accelerator Radeon HD 4890 is an excellent upper potential. As many reviews on the Internet and reports of the first buyers, many serial instances easily conquers the kernel frequency 1000 MHz without modification of the cooling system and power supply circuits. When tested in our test lab card XFX Radeon HD 4890 with a reference design acceleration was 1000/1200 (4800) MHz, which is not bad for 55-nm graphic chip and memory chips with 1 ns sampling time.
To achieve higher frequencies it is necessary to remove the limitations of the standard cooling system. However, many overclocking enthusiasts do not engage in self-finalization of the video cards out of fear of losing the guarantee and the preferred solutions. For such users Taiwanese corporation Tul Corporation, owns the trademark PowerColor, prepared Radeon HD 4890 graphics card with the copper vodoblokom of Slovenian companies EK Water Blocks. In the new assortment of producers can be distinguished by the abbreviation LCS (Liquid Cooling Solution).
can provide the water-cooled Radeon HD 4890 accelerator acceptable temperature not only at work on the nominal frequencies, but with a substantial acceleration. As shown in the official press release, the working temperature PowerColor LCS HD 4890 should be about 20 C # 730, lower than that of other video cards on a chip RV790, refrigerated standard VGA-cooler. In addition to the list of advantages of the kit should include odnoslotovy design that significantly facilitates the installation of several accelerators to combine configuration CrossFire.
As shown in the photos, vodoblok covers most of the front side and the board is in contact with the main sources of heat:graphic chip, memory chips and power elements of food chains. The developers have provided compatibility with the diameter of the pipes 3/8 and 1/2 inches. Circuit board a new video card made in accordance with the reference design. External power is connected via two 6-pin connectors. A set of video outputs include a pair of digital interfaces Dual-Link DVI and one analog S-Video.
Of course, good acceleration and a stable job card is impossible without a reliable power supply. The power subsystem PowerColor LCS HD 4890 follows the supply chain standard version Radeon HD 4890, despite everything to get a lot of flattering comments from reviewers and users first. For graphic chip has five phases for memory - the two. Notably, the digital control makes it possible to programmatically change the supply voltage nucleus.
The accelerator PowerColor LCS HD 4890, like its predecessor LCS HD 4870, works at high frequencies. However, engineers are limited to relatively small acceleration, increasing the working frequencies of the standard 850/975 (3900) MHz to 900/1000 (4000) MHz. Thus, the conquest of bars in the 1000 MHz and above is really the kernel is fully charged on the shoulders of future owners.
According to the manufacturer, a new dispersed accelerator Radeon HD 4890, equipped vodoblokom from EK Water Blocks, will go on sale April 16. Recommended retail price is set at $ 339.


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