Premiere Trailer Grand Theft Auto 4:The Lost and the Damned

December 16, 2008, 5:42 pm

   At Gametrailers premiere took place. At this time we showed the future of video mini-addon Grand Theft Auto 4:The Lost and the Damned. Remember that this time we will not play for Niko, and help gang baykerov. Judging from the video, local gangs are a violent life, participating in kidnapping, robbery, racing, revelry and other dubious entertainment.
The Lost and the Damned - a digital mini-addon specifically for the Xbox 360 version of the draft. Perhaps, then a set of such additives released a separate disk for PC.
Remember that a computer version of Grand Theft Auto 4 Sales appeared relatively recently and it was cool greeted fans because of problems with the optimization and a large number of bugs.

  • Trailer Grand Theft Auto 4:The Lost and the Damned.


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