Presented an update Sun x64 servers with quad AMD Opteron

December 14, 2008, 3:08 pm

   The company Sun Microsystems introduced new models of the family of Sun x86 servers with a maximum number of processors ranging from two to eight upgraded through the use of advanced 45-nm quad AMD Opteron. Manufacturer argues that the new system allows users to improve the consolidation and virtualization, increase the rate of return on investment and increase the productivity of the corporate computing infrastructure. According to the Sun, thanks to higher productivity and efficiency by servers set five world records from the industry benchmark tests.
The list of major systems that are members of the family of Sun x64, and their profiles are as follows:

  • Chetyrehprotsessorny server module Sun Blade X6440, with industry-leading performance density allocation of resources and memory subsystem bandwidth input/withdrawal, focuses on the application of high intensity calculations. I installed a world record for 16-stream systems, as measured by HPC SPECompM2001;
  • Rack servers height 4U Sun Fire X4600 M2 allows the installation of two to eight processors. This system has a world record performance integer calculations for all systems x86, and the best result for vosmiprotsessornyh systems in the performance of SPECjbb2005, benchmark-level enterprise based on Java;
  • Dvuhprotsessorny Sun Fire X4240 is a large number of memory slots and supports larger maximum amount of storage devices, compared with typical representatives of this class, and, moreover, is increasing the capacity of the disk subsystem. These advantages are confirmed world record for dual systems for test results master SPECweb2005;
  • Rack servers Sun Fire X4440 - world record holder for test results SPECompL2001 for 16-stream systems, and the only one in the industry chetyrehprotsessorny server height 2U with the x64 architecture-based quad processor AMD Opteron.
The improved line of servers Sun x64 technology supports AMD Virtualization (AMD-V) and infrastructure, Sun xVM. Along with hardware solutions, the company offers its customers the benefit of Sun Services, which can help reduce energy consumption, virtualization and implement solutions to high-performance computing environments. Services cover a variety of areas - from consulting on virtualization and energy to designing and implementing high performance computing environments. The company claims that using its service virtualization and consolidation, customers for their SAC may reduce the cost of power and cooling to 60% and occupied space - up to 57%.


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