How to prevent a collision with Earth asteroids

March 27, 2009, 10:16 am

how to prevent a collision with earth asteroids 
how to prevent a collision with earth asteroids   Our world is constantly threatened by a clash with one of the many asteroids or comets that wander in the vast number of spaces on the solar system. Of course, the probability of catastrophe is very small space, but it is not zero - in the past, the Earth has already occurred disasters that led to serious changes in the flora and fauna of the planet. It hardly needs to be to think that in the future repetition of such scenarios, mankind would be avoided. Clash of the meteorite or comet with the Earth, if happens, may lead to the deaths of millions and possibly billions of people, depending on the crash site. If an event is inevitable, then it is necessary to prepare and try to prevent and to develop a set of measures that will avoid disaster, you need as quickly as possible.
Why the problem is to pay attention to ? Astronomers so far have found many meteorites trajectory which intersects or close to a dangerous distance from the Earth. The strongest concerns associated with the asteroid Apophis - the object is about 270 meters, has a chance of one to 45 000 to meet with the Earth in 2036.
At first glance, the problem does not seem very complex - many of the difficulties now resolved with the help of bombs, and the easiest way to get rid of the meteorite is an explosion of atomic or hydrogen bomb, which is to destroy the heavenly body. But in this case, there a lot of smaller debris, which cause even less damage, it was still unsafe for the inhabitants of the blue planet. Apparently, the most likely way to get rid of Earth`s imminent danger remains bombing at some distance from the surface of the asteroid. This will let scientists and a small, but change the direction of the velocity vector object by sending it to a new safe path.
To study the best options for changing the trajectory of motion of celestial bodies, astronomers Lawrence National Laboratory in Livermore, California, modeled nuclear explosion in the vicinity of meteorite kilometer in diameter. The power of explosion was estimated at 100 kilotons of TNT equivalent, and the distance to the object was about 250 meters. As a result of such an operation speed of the meteorite has increased by 6, 5 mm per second - a very small value, but considering the distance of space, sufficient for allocating the threat of the Earth. This technology reduces the risk of decomposition times celestial body at many large fragments - the weight of the object has changed by only one percent, while the probability of collision of fragments with the Earth was a million to one.
At this time, researchers continue to explore the possibility of rejection of the trajectory of the asteroid. The next area of study has become possible to change the direction of the celestial body is much less powerful explosion - decided to reduce the power of explosives to a kilotonnes and the distance reduced to one meter from the object. Such an approach should lead to a significant simplification of the mission, and therefore to a greater chance of overall success of the event.
Another interesting technique is to change the trajectory of an asteroid impact on a powerful laser pulse. In theory flotilla of several spacecraft headed a meeting with the asteroids. Poravnyavshis at a distance of about one kilometer, would be given a huge mirror, concentrating solar power, and sending it to solar cells, thereby providing the necessary installation of laser energy.
The goal is that all eight of laser systems at the same time send a laser radiation at a single point on the surface of the asteroid, molten material on the surface and thereby creating a small fountain of gas. That he will be the driving force, which does slightly change the trajectory of the asteroid, sending him away from the Earth. Although this technique requires a much more significant cost, it allows much more precise and more predictable to change speed and direction of movement of the dangerous object.


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