PRGM:Russian games console with support for PSP and NDS

April 1, 2009, 4:36 pm

prgm:russian games console with support for psp and nds   As the company Progeym, May 1, on sale in Russia will be the first home console PRGM (Portable Remote Game Machine). On the creation of stations a company jointly with the Institute for System Technology has worked since 2001.
A key feature of the console pocket is the ability to run games for PSP and NDS. For this purpose, the device has two slots:cards for Nintendo and the disc Sony UMD. In the future, will create its own standard PRGM. By the merits of new items can be ranked as a 5-inch tachskrin module wireless Wi-Fi, and a web browser. Dimensions - 130 x 80 x 15 mm, weight - 118 grams. Duration of work is 29 hours at minimum brightness, and 18 hours at maximum.
The first batch will consist of 100 thousand consoles PRGM. They will be sold in several color solutions for the suggested retail price of 2 980 rubles. In 2010, the prefix will be able to buy the people of Canada, the United States of America and the Caribbean.


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