Prince of Persia:new gameplay video

October 15, 2008, 10:20 am

prince of persia:new gameplay video   After an incredibly beautiful trailer Prince of Persia, the network has a small recording of the gameplay of the action/adventure. The demonstration took place in Japan during the annual Tokyo Game exhibition. Visually draft, of course, looks fantastic. For gameplay is like Assassin s Creed. Especially in terms of acrobatics. Fighting, of course, one of the brightest parts of the project. When the author worked on the design of enemies, they are definitely inspired stilistikoy ICO, which were similar dark enemies.
Prince of Persia should be a new step in development seriala. In this game can not die. Entertainment will be much easier, but Entertainment is definitely added. The release will take place as early as December this year. The draft goes on consoles and PC.
  • The demonstration of the game Prince of Persia.


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