Pro-Source 1500VA:first uninterruptible power supply from OCZ

April 8, 2009, 7:58 pm

pro-source 1500va:first uninterruptible power supply from ocz 
pro-source 1500va:first uninterruptible power supply from ocz   The company PC Power Cooling, part of the Industrial Group OCZ Technology Group, announced the release of the first in its history, uninterruptible power supply Pro-Source 1500VA. Called PC Power Cooling absolute beginner in this industry will not - because it already has behind him a great experience in developing power systems.
In the view of developers, their novelty is the best balance of price and performance and is aimed at computer enthusiasts, as well as suitable for protection against interruption of electricity supply that is running critical applications. As highlighted in the press release, the form of the output voltage Pro-Source 1500VA is a sinusoid (Pure sine), but not the step that is an indicator of belonging to a high-class UPS.
Pro-Source 1500VA will be able to provide about 10 minutes to an autonomous system output of 600 Watts. The front panel display is placed, displays information about the input voltage, output voltage, frequency, load level, the time remaining until the battery level, temperature. There is a mechanism of remote management of UPS. In Pro-Source 1500VA installed three 12-V battery with a capacity of 7 ampere-hours.
According to the developers, they have invested in new product its entire 25 years of experience in designing power supplies and the use of high-quality components and unique designs, which makes the Pro-Source 1500VA one of the most reliable in the UPS industry. When the price of some new items to 40% lower than similar competitors` solutions, however, the specific meaning of the price in the press release says nothing.


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