Processors AMD Shanghai has been in production

October 2, 2008, 11:40 am

processors amd shanghai has been in production 
processors amd shanghai has been in production   An announcement from Big Quad Processor AMD Barcelona was damaged further eight delayed deliveries of finished products to customers. This enabled the company Intel to prepare a response, as a result led to a dominant position in the server market microchips. At that time, AMD faced its own financial problems, in particular, restructure the company, reduce costs and sold some, not most profitable unit. Now comes the time and return the lost ground in the server market, and the main role here is to future quad microchip Shanghai, the first 45-nm integrated circuits AMD.
In the initial plans for the second-largest manufacturer of central processing units in the world belonged release those decisions only in the first quarter of next year. However, recent failures of AMD makes it essential as soon as possible to release a new generation of microchips for sale, and chipmeyker decides to accelerate the withdrawal of devices on the market - first deliveries of finished products, known as code Shanghai, should start as early as the fourth quarter of 2008. Moreover, it became known from reliable sources that the first serial production of microchips have already started.
AMD has scheduled the release of just nine of server processors, the operating frequency of which varies from 2, 3 to 2 GHz, 7 GHz. The devices will support the socket Socket F (1207), a 6 MB cache, the third-level and integrated controller RAM standard DDR2. Of these nine, five models of processors positioned as solutions for dual computer systems, and four - to top vosmiprotsessornyh servers.
A little later, in February 2009, AMD expects to release another five server processors, but already owned a series of low-power integrated circuits with teplovydeleniem to 55 watts. Of these three solutions are designed for dual, and two - for vosmiprotsessornyh server systems. In parallel with these latest product AMD reinforced and two high microchip, consuming up to 105 watts.
The main task of facing the world today manufacturer, is the need to ensure a stable volume supplier of server processors - a repetition of the fate of Barcelona chips will be disastrous for AMD. In this case, not only will be severely undermined the reputation of chipmeykera - the company will lose the last chance to regain lost over the past year position on the world market.
As for the prospects of processors Shanghai, they look very bright, because the transition to a new tehprotsess means not only reducing the cost of production of microchips, reduce their energy consumption, but also the possibility of increasing the operating frequency of processors. As stated by AMD, Pat Patla (Pat Patla), holding the post of general manager of the server units of the company, with the same with the decisions of the working frequency Barcelona processors Shanghai will surpass them in terms of productivity by 20%. This is achieved as the increase in the volume of the cache third level with 2 MB to 6 MB, and increase the number performed in one clock cycle instructions.
The momentum that will position the company AMD in the market of server central processing chips Issue Shanghai, catch up already shestiyadernye chips Istanbul. As in the case of analogues of Intel, succeeding new items will be positioned in the sector of high-performance computing systems, configured to accommodate the installation of up to eight CPUs. Production is listed devices is scheduled for the end of 2009.
in the end, it is noteworthy that in the second quarter of next year, AMD expects to release a new server and a set of system logic - SR5600.


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