For processors Intel Atom lacks test equipment

August 29, 2008, 10:10 am

for processors intel atom lacks test equipmentfor processors intel atom lacks test equipment 
for processors intel atom lacks test equipment   The demand for processors from Intel Atom, widely used in compact mini-notebooks, called netbukami quite large, but the supply of integrated circuits on the world market are not able to fully meet consumer needs, in particular, the computer manufacturers. The reason for this situation is not impossible to produce relevant chips in large quantities at Intel that the company is in a position, and insufficient bandwidth test equipment leading world chipmeykera, reported online resource Infoworld.
On the absence of problems with the serial said that manufacturing output to 2, 5 thousand processors Intel Atom with a silicon plate. In doing so, reported a high rate suitable exit, and it means that manufacturing process allows to increase output of chips. However, the equipment for testing finished products for the time being fully loaded, which does not produce products for sale in netbukov in greater numbers, and quick way to solve the problem does not exist yet.
Nevertheless, for the world`s leading chipmeykera, in the event of further market growth mini-notebooks, there are two alternatives - either transfer an additional test equipment to productive capacity for the manufacture of atomic microchips, or the provision of competitors, mainly Taiwan company with its VIA processors VIA Nano, a chance to establish themselves in the market for processors netbukov. On the one hand, the choice is obvious - the translation of test facilities to improve the output of chips Intel Atom, but in this case should decrease the volume of output processors other families. If, however, remember that the market value of atomic chips lowest among all the products Intel, it is possible to detect a potential danger of reducing company profits.
Despite the complexity of the situation, leading manufacturers of mobile computers no hurry to switch to the use of microchips VIA Nano, preferring mobile solutions Intel previous generation, particularly patterns of family Celeron M. In the future, and they could draw attention to alternative processors. Meanwhile, in nanoprotsessory worse differ from Intel Atom its power, that in the case of portable solutions is one of the key parameters. It is possible that even performance is not the decisive factor, but the main emphasis is on value and cost of processors.


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