Procsys Ion 2600 - manual computer-based Atom with integrated printer

April 17, 2009, 3:36 pm

procsys ion 2600 - manual computer-based atom with integrated printer   The company announced Procsys compact laptop with a built-Ion 2600 thermal. Innovation is built on the basis of processor Intel Atom Z5hh and running Linux. The computer is equipped with 4, 1-inch touch screen (800h480 points), fingerprint sensor and a module for reading/writing tags, radio frequency identification (RFID). There are also QWERTY-keyboard, module Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GSM/GPRS/EDGE. Terms of use of the computer`s manual is quite wide:from the banks and trade organizations and medical institutions and transportation companies. In addition to pre-OS Ubuntu Ion 2600 allows for the installation of Windows XP, Windows XP Embedded, Windows CE, and is supplied SDK.
Specifications Procsys Ion 2600:
  • Processor:Intel Atom Z510 (1, 1 GHz), Z520 (1, 3 GHz) or Z530 (1, 6 GHz);
  • Memory:512/1024 MB of RAM and 4/8/16 GB SSD;
  • Display:4 1-inch touch-sensitive with a resolution 800h480 points;
  • QWERTY-keyboard and 2-inch thermal;
  • Communications:Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, modem GSM/GPRS/EDGE, USB, Ethernet;
  • offline work time:6 to 8 hours
  • Operating temperature range:0 # 730;C to 50 # 730;C;
  • Size:280x105x40 mm;
  • Weight:750 g.
information on the approximate cost of Ion 2600 yet.


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