Products @ Mail. Ru expanded catalog of manufacturers

April 29, 2009, 2:43 pm

products @ mail. ru expanded catalog of manufacturers   At the project Shops @ Mail. Ru has a new section - Manufacturers. In it, users can find information about the vendors whose products presented on the project, see the popularity of their ranking, to know which products from different manufacturers are most popular, and much more.
Already in the new section you can find nearly a thousand manufacturers, presented in dozens of categories of products - from mobile phones and TVs to myasorubok and washing machines. For each of the maximum available useful information - the catalog of its products with a list of the most popular models and innovations, a list of stores that offer products of the manufacturer, the latest news, articles and more.
In addition, all vendors in the directory is automatically created the rating, reflecting the popularity of a brand - as a general or on specific types of goods. In its calculation takes into account several parameters - the number of models in different categories, the number of online shops that sell products, etc.
In the Manufacturers also have a form of search, which allows you to quickly find the page you want vendor (in this case the mechanism of search prompts), or to obtain a list of all the companies that produce, such as televisions.
The catalog is regularly updated and expanded - in particular, the information about the new producer.


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