Projections:up to 230 million phones to touch 2012

June 8, 2008, 2:04 am

   Sales of mobile phones with touch screen steadily rising for more than a year. According to IMS Research forecasts that growth in the future will increase even more. Despite the fact that in 2007 was sold for just under 30 million phones with touch administration, analysts expect that this figure will reach 230 million in 2012.
There are many signs that suggest that the sensory management can take a significant portion of market mobile phones. Recent reports and communications three largest manufacturers of phones supported by the trend of increasing production machines with touch technology.
In July, LG said that she was able to sell 7 million phones with touch control. This message was followed after 5 quarters after the company launched the first model, responsive to the touch. Such success demonstrates the company Samsung, recently presented a model Instinct, with the support of the operator Sprint. A week after the launch Sprint recorded that Instinct has become the most successful sales model EV-DO standard in the history of the operator. On the other hand, Apple reported sales of confidence early model iPhone 3G.
According to analysts IMS Research, iPhone first generation was the catalyst for the growth of interest in touch phones. The fact that he has become popular not only among buyers, but also fuelled the revenue from data transmission, proves the importance of phones with touch screen. Therefore, now each operator and producer otkusit wants a piece of that pie.
The research company predicts that sensory phones will grow not only through smartphones. Most likely, this technology will increasingly enter the multi-segment phones. Nokia actually announced that, going into the market sensory devices, it focuses on the mass segment models.


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