Proprietary OS based on Linux from Microsoft

April 1, 2009, 8:36 pm

proprietary os based on linux from microsoft   Microsoft prepares to release its own operating system based on the kernel Linux. This report Linukstsentra browsers.
New subdivision being developed at Microsoft Labs and has the code name Lindows, which sheds light on the substance of the claims of lawyers for the software giant`s founder brainchild same Michael Robertson (Michel Robertson). Recall that in a trial that took place in 2004, Microsoft won the right to a trademark of Lindows, and today it became clear that the meaning of the claims is not only to accord Lindows/Windows.
On the technical parameters of Lindows little known:the company officials refused to comment on. According to information obtained from trusted sources to our employees, Lindows (like its predecessor) is based on Debian GNU/Linux 5. 0 Lenny and has a high level of integration with WINE. In fact, the task assigned to Mr. Robertson for almost 10 years ago, has finally been achieved:the Lindows operating Internet Explorer, Microsoft Media Player (with the possibility of legal DVD playback with the area code and proprietary formats), the management system through the Control Panel. Interestingly, in an office suite Microsoft has chosen not own decision, and Ownership 3. 0, from which, however, was removed the ability to export to OpenDocument.
Analysts called it retaliation for the progress of the global financial crisis, forcing the company to dismiss several thousand employees at the end of 2008, the failure of Windows Vista and more protracted pace of development of Windows 7. Experts also note that a role in what happened to play and pre-settlement of patent claims against TomTom. Not having made a clean victory, Microsoft has decided to go through a well-known:If you can not win something, to lead it !


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