Prospects for iPhone 3G in Russia have been overestimated

January 27, 2009, 8:51 pm

prospects for iphone 3g in russia have been overestimated   On the night of 2 to 3 October in Russia have started the official sale of iPhone 3G. Three major mobile operators in the country entered into an agreement with Apple on the implementation of tachfona, committing to sell the three-year 3, 5 million iPhone.
After three months we can say that the MTS, and Megafon Vympelkomu will make great efforts to fulfill the contractual terms - Russians bought only 120-180 thousand phones. According to Mobile Research Group, ITT has pledged to buy back 1 million phones in three years, VimpelCom - 1, 5 million over two years, MegaFon - 1 million over two years. It is estimated that the research firm, to avoid the loss of MTS should be sold now to 83 300 iPhone for the quarter Vympelkomu - 187 500, Megafon - 125 000.
The main reason for low demand is that the iPhone before the official arrival of the Russian market the device to become half a million people.


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