A prototype of a digital camera, Mamiya 645DF shown at PIE 2009

April 1, 2009, 7:00 pm

a prototype of a digital camera, mamiya 645df shown at pie 2009a prototype of a digital camera, mamiya 645df shown at pie 2009 
a prototype of a digital camera, mamiya 645df shown at pie 2009   At Photo Imaging Expo (PIE) 2009 held in Tokyo from 26 to 29 March this year, the company demonstrated a prototype of the new Mamiya system Mamiya 645DF, designed exclusively for use with digital backdrop of all the famous brands, as well as the test samples showed battery-grip Multi-battery Vertical Grip GB401 and lens Mamiya Sekor AF 80mm F2. 8 LS D Lens.
The model is equipped with a Mamiya 645DF sensor image size 60 x45 mm, has electronic control gate and is supplied with bayonet Mamiya 645AF. In addition, the product is directly fixed prismatic viewfinder (94% coverage) with adjustable diopters and an increase in 0, 71h. Dimensions of the device is 153 x 128 x 153, 3 mm and its weight is equal to 1030
The lens Mamiya Sekor AF 80mm F2. 8 LS D Lens is the first lens in the line of Mamiya AF, which provides a range of shutter speed of 1/500 to 16 seconds and provides the synchronization of outbreaks at all speeds. Thanks to minimize aberration and high quality optical elements, the lens ensures the achievement of natural images at any time. Switching between automatic and manual focusing is carried out by the movement of the focus ring back and forth. The lens is constructed with 6 elements in 5 groups, and a viewing angle of 47 degrees, a minimum value of the aperture, equal to 22, the minimum focusing distance of 70 cm, and a filter diameter of 72 mm. The product has a size 51, 5 x 80, 5 mm and weighs 450 g.
As for the battery-grip Multi-battery Vertical Grip GB401, it is intended for use only with a camera, Mamiya 645DF. The device has the shutter button and the button lock and autofocus avtoekspozitsii to provide convenience when shooting in upright position. Handle designed in such a way that the photos in creative moments do not have to think about how best to take the camera to produce images under the appropriate angle. As the batteries may be used as an alkaline or rechargeable nickel-metallogidridnyh or lithium-ion batteries type AA. As for the size of the product, they make up 53 x 115 x 78 mm with the weight of 400 g.
of the expected value and the likely timing of the start of massive sales of each of the above products do not yet know.


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