PS2 will be able to fight for the consumer to the Wii

April 2, 2009, 10:14 am

ps2 will be able to fight for the consumer to the wii   As you know, PS2 now costs $ 100. For hardkornogo player such progress does not change anything. All who wanted to have long bought a PlayStation 2 and bought a huge number of toys for this (without exaggeration) great stations. The question is how to reduce the price react Casual gamers.
SCEA representative John Kohler (John Koller) believes that such a step would help the PS2 started more actively to combat Wii. Products will be fighting for the same customers, who pay little attention to today`s expensive products, like Gears of War 2 and Killzone 2, preferring a more unusual entertainment like Wii Play.
In fact, with the technological point of view, Wii is not too far gone from the PS2 (although this is quite a controversial issue), but does that mean that today, someone may want to obsolete the system without the support of HD, and almost parched stream of new games ? Answer"Yes"is quite difficult. On the one hand, the crisis in the yard and customers do not want to spend too much. In this case, PS2 for $ 99 with a set of Reduced hit looks like a severance proposal.
On the other hand, is now 2009 and it is unlikely that even kazualy want to buy a system for the sake of God of War. Rather, they prefer the fun and unobtrusive, with strange Wii controllers. In general, the fate of PS2 looks too vague.
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