PS3-version of Fallout 3 looks worse

October 24, 2008, 9:48 am

ps3-version of fallout 3 looks worse   The staff of the magazine PSM3 argue that Fallout 3 on PlayStation 3 looks a bit worse than on other platforms. PC version of the draft looks absolutely wonderful, drawing a great range, beautiful lighting. On the Xbox 360 textures slightly worse, but the game was not podtormazhivaet.
Fallout 3 on the PS3 looks almost as well as on Xbox 360, but drawing objects that are far from the hero, not too good, blurry textures, FPS sometimes fall (especially at the end). Engine simply difficult to handle such large objects. In general, this difference is not too serious, just surprising that developers are no razberutsya with the optimization of iron from Sony.


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